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Summer in a Bowl.

I made this pasta Sunday and I will be eating it all week.

When I was a kid my mom would make it during the summer. She would take it on vacation with us or when we went to the River. It reminds me of summer and I now tend to only make it during the summer season.

I can’t wait for the warm weather to be here everyday.



It’s was unseasonably warm this past weekend and we took full advantage of the situation.

On Friday night Brett and I stopped by Toys R Us and got a water table for Ethan. I remember playing in them as a kid and I loved it. So we invited the girls over Saturday afternoon to play and of course they loved it too.

They all took turns on the “choo choo” too.

After the girls left, and Ethan had a nap, we got the bubbles out and I think we might have a new obsession.

I’m so impressed that he can blow bubbles by himself. It doesn’t happen every time but he’s able to get a few out.

On Sunday we were out again playing in the dirt while Brett was doing some weeding in the garden and it happened, Ethan discovered the worms. He had seen them before but he had never actually picked one up and played with it. Let me tell you, I’m not really excited about this part of boyhood. I’m not a lover of creepy crawly things and worms gross me out. But not Ethan.

He ever so lovingly swung it from side to side, dropped it in the grass a few times, squeezed it, and then placed it back in the dirt. I couldn’t tell you if the little guy survived.

It was a fun weekend full of the sun and just hanging around the house which made me very relaxed. I wish all weekends were as easy as this one.

Sunday Fun!

On Friday Brett and I decided that Sunday was going to be a fun filled family day. No chores, laundry, or working on the house. Just fun!

So the day started out with me making waffles. Brett is not a morning person which means he is not a breakfast person and I am. I rarely make breakfast these days. So waffles were a treat.


But apparently I was the only one that liked them.


After breakfast we headed out to Huntington Beach, but first we made a stop here…


Brett had always wanted to stop here and since it wasn’t too hot yet, we decided to take a walk around. We really liked it and so did the noodle. There were so many different types of birds and fish. We even saw some sting rays! I didn’t even know they had those there. Awesome!

DSC_0143 DSC_0158

Just checking out the birds…




Ethan wasn’t too happy about getting back in the car for the short ride to Huntington and this was the face he was giving us…


And he makes this snorting sound with it. It’s hilarious!

Our first stop in Huntington was the pier.

My guys checking out the surfers…



After a little people watching, surf watching, and volleyball watching, we headed over to the new Johnny Rockets for lunch.

DSC_0222 DSC_0224

I really wish Brett would smile more for pictures. He just looks pissed and he was really having a good time. I swear he was. Really I mean it.

I really wanted to get Ethan a Huntington Surf and Sport t-shirt but, of course, they didn’t have his size. So we settled for this…


The world’s smallest littlest quicksilver backpack. And he loves it!

Sometimes I really think he could be kids model. Can you see the ad now…


Ethan fell asleep on the way home and since we were still not going to do anything around the house, Brett and I decided to start a game of 80’s trivial pursuit. As of tonight we still don’t have a winner. We’re not as good with the 80’s as we thought, but we’re having a good time playing.


And yes, you can’t play a board game without fruity cocktails.

After Ethan got up from his nap we took a little bike ride around the neighborhood before dinner…


Sunday was a blast. We really need to take more of these days and enjoy our time together as a family. I get so caught up with running errands and cleaning the house and trying to do everything, that I sometimes forget to take a break and enjoy my guys.

Sunday was by far one of my favorite days this summer.


It’s has taking me a while to put these up. We had an awesome 4 days at the river and it was probably our last trip of the summer. Bummer! These are my favorite pictures.

I love this new face. Every time he saw a boat he did it and said,  “ooohhh”.



His Ladies…


Abby sharing…




Now the Noodle sharing…


Guy time with Papa…


His new favorite spot…


Too much girl time?


Much better…

(I really just kidding. He can play with whatever toys he wants.)



DSC_0638 DSC_0652

This picture does not justice, but his poor little eyes were so red. We have to go back to the eye doctor again and hopefully they can tell us what’s wrong. They don’t seem to bother him though, which is good.



Ahhhh…so relaxing.


I’m spicing things up!

In the kitchen that is. People, get your minds out of the gutter. I’ve decided that each week I’m going to cook something new and exciting. Something I have never made before. I’m just tired of the same old stuff and I need some variety. And who did I turn to for some food inspiration, The Pioneer Woman. For those of you who do not know her yet, please visit her blog. She is A-mazing! I secretly want to be her, and live on a farm and milk cows, but that’s another story for a different day. Anyway I was scrolling through many of her recipes a couple of weeks ago and the Baked Lemon Pasta was calling my name. I mean it’s summertime and lemons just scream summer, right? So the last time I was at Target I bought myself a little mini grater to zest me some lemons, and I went to the grocery today to make my fabulous new dinner. It was wonderful! I was so worried I would screw it up. I had never zested (is that what you say) a lemon before so I learned something new in the process. For our sides I added a little spinach salad and some buttery french bread. Yum! Here’s our fantastic dinner.


(I just liked this photo…and it’s proof that I did make it myself. Pat myself on the back.)

lemon pasta 1

lemon pasta 2

My family ready to grub.Ok, well not Ethan. He wasn’t feeling so great tonight so he just had toast and bananas. But Brett really liked it and ate way too much.

Each week I hope to make something new and share what I do. I’m looking forward to finding some great recipes to enjoy while learning how to become a better cook along the way.

San Diego: our great big weekend filled with nothing!

This past weekend Brett and I ventured down to Coronado for a little bit of nothing. That’s right…nothing. We planned no activities or meals, we had no agenda. It was glorious! I haven’t been that relaxed in quite some time and it was so refreshing. We ate too much, drank a little too much, and got a little too much sun. Just the way a vacation should be. We chilled out by the pool, walked along the beach, and hung out in town.

Oh, where was the noodle you ask? Well he had a fabulous weekend with Papa and Gee. He went to his cousin Blake’s b-day party and from what I hear he was digging his Great Uncle Sam’s rock band. I was a little sad to have missed it.

The view from our room…



I had several of these delicious cocktails…


Some sites of Coronado…

DSC_0327 DSC_0298

This is what happens when you have too much time on your hands…



Right before we headed home…


Only 2 days, but oh so much fun!

July 4th

I’m finally getting around to posting pictures of the 4th of July holiday weekend. We had a great time at the river with my family and of course I did not want to leave. Ethan had his first ride in the party boat and he loved it. I loved it because he would fall asleep 10 minutes into the ride and would take a good long nap. I took a zillion pictures and had a hard time choosing my favs but here’s a few for you to enjoy.

DSC_0230DSC_0226DSC_0245DSC_0212DSC_0290DSC_0328DSC_0261DSC_0367DSC_0378DSC_0410DSC_0436DSC_0209The only family photo we got…how horrible is that?

DSC_0356Big Family Photo

Ethan is officially a big boy now. For the ride home we turned his carseat around to face forward and he was thrilled, plus it made the ride a ton easier on us! DSC_0482

Also, on the way home we stopped by the big dinosaurs in Cabazon. Brett remembered stopping there as a kid and each time we pass it he has wanted to stop. It was time for a break so we got a few pics by the dinosaurs. Ethan just keep pointing at them and saying, “ooohhhhh”!

DSC_0478DSC_0475Can you see us?

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July too!!!