About Me


I’m Adrian and I live in sunny SoCal with my husband Brett, our son Ethan, aka “Noodle”, and our wiener dog Kalli. I work part time for my dad’s construction company and spend the better days with my family. I’m super excited about the life Brett and I are creating, and although we are not perfect we’re making the most out of life and trying to laugh through it. Enjoy!


6 responses to “About Me

  1. I love that you are doing this and don’t care who’s talking behind your back 😉 haha Do what you want!! That lil noodle is tooo cute 😉 I just wanna squeeze him!!!

  2. How cool is this!! I’ve never read anyone’s blog so this is exciting. I love knowing about you and Brett & the “Noodle”. He looks so much like you in the big picture. Erin & Amy should do this too:) Sooooo cute. xoxo

  3. well, if i can’t be there in person, i guess seeing the family from your blog will have to do:) enjoyed looking at the photos of everyone. had fun seeing the noodle last week at your mom’s for a play date with OUR GRANDKIDS!!! wish they would play more often…lovingly, aunt libby

  4. Our family grows more beautiful with every generation!
    **Your mom sent me your and Em’s blog. I’m excited to see everyone is writing. Come visit me at my blog, too! 🙂

  5. Adrian,
    Loved your blog!!!
    This is my first time to see it.
    The pics are great!
    Just love Noodle.


  6. ade: could your kid get any cuter??!!??

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