What have you been up to?

Well, I’ve been watching TV and not blogging and not taking too many pictures. I’ve been watching a lot of TLC, especially Say Yes to the Dress. I’m watching it as I type. I’ve been tired so when Ethan takes a nap, I’ve just been lounging around, not thinking.

But I have managed to take a few pictures here and there and this is what we’ve been doing while I haven’t been watching TLC.

What Mom? What’s wrong with climbing on the table and playing with the fruit?

On Saturday we hung out at Abby’s and played in the water.

He played hard.

Mother’s Day was a great day!

Brett made me breakfast, gave me flowers, and I didn’t do a thing. I watched TV, read the paper, played with Ethan, and hung out in the a backyard. Brett did the grocery shopping, cooked dinner, gave Ethan a bath, and cleaned the kitchen. I really didn’t do much of anything, which made it a wonderful day. I’m now awaiting my gift in the mail. Brett had to order it and it should be here today or tomorrow. I’ll be sure to share when I get it.

Today Ethan and I went to Shoreline Village. I’m going to be taking some family photos down there this weekend and I wanted to get an idea of what I was doing. It was nice to just walk around and spend some alone time with my little man.

Hope you’ve had a nice relaxing last few days like I’ve had.


One response to “What have you been up to?

  1. In no particular order
    #1 Favorite pic.-sleppy town
    #2 I can’t WAIT to here what comes in the mail 🙂
    #3 Shoreline village- great idea!

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