This past weekend we went on our first family camping trip.

And when I say camping I mean, RV, TV, toilet, and hot water. I don’t rough it with tents and no bathrooms.

So we packed up the RV (my parents let us borrow theirs) and headed to Campo, California. Brett’s uncle and cousins live there and every year they hold a rodeo event on their land. Instead of staying at a hotel we decided to camp on their land, which was so much better. I have to say, I didn’t like the idea at first. One, because I don’t like camping so much and two, I didn’t know what to expect. I like hotels. I get to see pictures online, I get to read reviews, I get to take a shower. But honestly by the end of the trip I was thinking about where we could go next.

We had a great time together. We got there Friday afternoon and almost immediately Brett’s cousin put Ethan on a horse.

He loved it and was not intimidated at all, which made me nervous.

After a little riding we headed back to the RV…

yep, those are cows in the background. Then Ethan just ran around in the openness, and picked flowers, and looked at bugs, boy stuff.

Brett made us a great dinner out there and we had a very quite evening. We even watched a movie after Ethan went to sleep. See camping’s not so bad, right?

The next day was rodeo day. There were horse riding events, cow roping and branding, old west gunfights, and mutton bustin’ (more on that in another post, it deserves it own). Brett’s youngest cousins competed in the horse riding challenges.

They both did really well and I was just impressed at how young they are and so comfortable riding.

Ethan liked the gunfights.

He laid down in the grass and watched so intently. It was so cute.

Later that evening, after Ethan took a long nap and I got to read my book (once again, thinking this camping thing isn’t too bad), we headed up to the “barn” for dinner with all the family. They have llamas and a donkey named Amos who quickly became Ethan’s best friend since he had teddy grams.

And he also got to sit on a tractor which makes him very happy.

We hung out by the fire…

and I tried to get a picture with his cousins, but it’s so hard.

Again we had another quite evening with cows mooing in the morning to wake us up, which was different.

I wanted to get a closer look at the cows before we left on Sunday so we took the “gator” out for a drive through the fields.

The cows made us nervous. They started heading our way since they thought maybe we had food. We hopped in the gator pretty quick and got out of there.

We also spent a little time with the horses before we left.

Ethan got to help brush them, which made me more than nervous. I kept thinking he was going to get kicked in the head, but he was so excited to help and of course he did a wonderful job.

Then Brett and Ethan got to go for one last ride before we headed out.

We really did have a great time. I liked camping and it was more relaxing and easy than I thought it would be. We’ve even talked about taking another trip close by again soon.

But I will say, I  looking forward to my shower.


2 responses to “Camping.

  1. What a pioneer womanesqe post! -High Fives-
    That little peanut lying in the grass with his bands holding his face, is to cute, like sick cute. He looks like such a natural out there, dont be surprised when the first word he write out is PONY!

  2. Such a great time we all had at the ranch!
    Loved all the pictures—-especially of Ethan, Claire and J.T. and just being at the rodeo with family!!

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