3 to 2.

It’s official. I have become outnumbered.

We’re having a boy!

This makes the women in the house the minority now…you see I count Kalli as a human since she is more demanding than me at times. I really don’t think she’s a dog.

Neither Brett or myself were surprised by the news, we both thought it was a boy. I have no reason as to why I thought it, I just did. Call it intuition, call it whatever, but I just thought so. I’ve always said that I wanted all boys and I’m on the road to getting there. It’s funny though how many people said to me today, “oh that means you gotta keep trying for the girl.” Really does it matter? Sure a girl would be fun, and we could do all kinds of girly things together, but I love having a son and I can’t wait for this one in September. So if we have another child it will not be because we are trying for a girl, it will be because we actually want another child and we don’t care what it is. Gasp!

Anyway, we’re pretty darn excited that Ethan is going to have a little brother. I can hardly wait for the little guy to get here so we can meet him and see what he looks like, and of course see if he has red hair.


2 responses to “3 to 2.

  1. I am so excited………as Norm would say we need three more for a basketball team. Love you!!!!!!

  2. YAY…I can’t wait to meet him!! Love you guys 🙂

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