Quick Favorites

Like I said in the last post, I’m busy. So here are a few quick favorites.

The back of our couch has become a race track.

Banging spoons together is hilarious.

Hiding in the closet with one of your best friends is the greatest thing ever.

Mowing the lawn is serious business.

Spying on Brett is fun.

Exfoliation (sand and water) is a must and “E” is very cooperative.

Snacks are awesome.

Grumpiness occurs when mom says throwing dirt is not ok.

Happy Monday!


4 responses to “Quick Favorites

  1. all of these are great 🙂 the last one is my fav!!

  2. When I saw that couch for the 1st time I KNEW it was a race track I just didnt want you to think I was insane…

  3. Thanks for the laugh. The photos are awesome!

  4. Oh these really made me laugh!!!

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