Nesting Already?

I’m getting myself organized.

I’m a fairly organized, neat person, but I do have a few spots in the house that are my Monica closet. Remember that episode from Friends where Monica’s hallway closet was full of junk and she was ashamed that if people found out about it they would think she was messy. Well I have a couple of those, not closets, but drawers and cupboards. I like to be clean on the surface and I sometimes throw things in drawers and forget about it until way later.

So I’m getting things organized, and I want to do it before the baby gets here. Brett thinks I’m nesting already but I just think I can’t stand it anymore.

So I started out with my recipe drawer.

It was looking like this…

Just everything thrown in there with no rhyme or reason. So I bought this…

I put all the recipes in sheet protectors and filed them away in this cute little binder. Thank you Target.

Then it was on to below the sink.

Our neighborhood started a new recycling program recently and we needed to add another trashcan to our already cramped kitchen. We’ve moved the trashcan all over the place but finally we decided it needed to go under the sink, which meant I had to clean it out.



It’s was amazing how much junk I actually had under there that I wasn’t even using or didn’t realize I had, like 3 bottles of toilet cleaner. Really? Now everything has a place and I’m feeling good about it.

I’m a list person. I like to make lists and cross off the things that I have accomplished. My only problem is that I started having lists all over the place. Some on my desk, some on the side of the fridge, others tucked away in little notepads. So I figured I needed a place for all my lists to go, and somewhere I could see them regularly since I tend to forget about them. Which really defeats the purpose of the list to begin with.

A while back I had covered a cork board with some fabric and hung it in my “office area”. Well it was getting kind of full so I decided to make another one just for the lists.

I love it! I can see everything I need to buy and do all in one place. And yes, I have a list specifically for Target, doesn’t everyone?

Maybe I am nesting already. I don’t feel like I have as much to get ready for this baby since I’m busy with Ethan the majority of my time. Maybe nesting begins earlier after your first child or maybe I’m just getting into crazy organize mode. It’s happened before. Who knows? All I know is that it’s making me pretty darn happy.


One response to “Nesting Already?

  1. i love your board…and yes, i think everyone has a target list!! will you please send your nesting vibe my way?! i need some cupboards cleaned up too 😉

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