Easter Festivities.

I love Easter. I wish we celebrated more than just once a year. It’s easy to forget during the year the reason for Easter and what Jesus did for us all. I know that’s sad to say but I have to admit that it’s true for so many of us and I am no exception. I feel like I say the same things every year, “oh I need to be better about remembering what the Lord has done for me on a daily basis”, “gosh I really need to read up on the story of the resurrection”, and so on and so on. This year I want to be different. I want to make a change and not forget that the reason I will have eternal life is due to what God has done for me. So I’m leaving myself a huge note until it is drilled in my head to not forget, and I’m going to read my Bible tonight, which I haven’t done in quite some time. Shame on me but I’ve got to start somewhere. So here goes.

Now on to our celebration…

I was really excited to celebrate with Ethan this year because it had been a really long time since I had decorated eggs and I thought we’d give it a try. It was pretty successful. I tried helping him in the beginning but I gave up pretty quickly since he was in no way trying to be gentle. So we let him have at it. By the end most of the eggs had cracks in them and Ethan’s hands were pink for the majority of the day. I would say he did one heck of a job.

We then headed to church on Saturday night which was different for us since we usually go to Easter service on Sunday morning. But it was so nice not having to rush the next day. We started off Easter morning with of course a visit from the Easter bunny. A basket filled with some goodies and eggs filled with treats.

Then we headed over to Papa & Gee’s to celebrate with brunch and an Easter egg hunt for the kids.

He didn’t quite get the concept of keeping them in his basket but he had just as much fun filling it up and dumping it out again.

They were pretty excited about the snacks and toys Gee had filled inside.

Happy Easter.


2 responses to “Easter Festivities.

  1. Way to cute, like waaaaaaaay to… And next year, there will be another kid in the picture! Woohoo!

  2. my favorite pix is the one of him dumping his basket and the close up of his cute little face 😉 what a fun day that was!!

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