I’m Spicing Things Up: Meatloaf

The things I love about meatloaf are, the mess is relatively small, you throw everything in one bowl, and you can stick it in the fridge and bake it later in the day. I had been wanting to make this meatloaf for quite some time, ever since I got the Pioneer Woman’s fabulous cookbook, but every time I would go to make it I would get grossed out. I have this thing with food touching and textures of food, and pregnancy doesn’t help. So it’s taken me a couple of months but I was ready to make it last night. It’s a traditional recipe to start out with, pretty much your basic stuff.

But here’s the kicker, you wrap it in bacon. Yep, talk about a heart attack, but yum!

Top it off with a ketchup glaze and voila…meatloaf that could kill you.

For sides we had asparagus and instant mashed potatoes (don’t judge, I wasn’t about to make them from scratch, I don’t have that much time). It was great!


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