4 months.

I am 4 months along now and feeling great.

Just to claify…I am holding up 4 fingers to signify 4 months. In the 2 month picture I was not giving you all the peace sign (although there is nothing wrong with that), and for 3 months I was not flashing gang signs.

Now that we got that squared away…the nausea is completely gone and I almost have all of my energy back, but I don’t really think I’ll get it back completely, if ever.

As far as food goes, I’ve had some weird stuff happening. I can’t eat chicken fajitas or a breast of chicken, the thought of them makes me sick. But I have been eating beef, which is really rare for me. I generally do not care for red meat but right now I will take it over chicken any day. I am also obsessed with egg salad sandwiches. I eat about 3 to 4 of them a week. And then there is the sweets. I love sweets more than just about anyone I know, but I am craving them like mad this time around and I fear it will lead to no good. So I’m trying to limit myself to just 1 sweet thing a day and I’m doing alright with it.

Unfortunately we did not find out the sex of the baby on our last visit as we were hoping the doctor was maybe going to see something. The little legs were closed up tight, which I can’t really complain because modesty is good thing. Hopefully on our next visit in April she will be able to tell us, we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

The best thing so far is that I have begun to feel the baby moving around a little bit. It’s mainly little flutters but every once in a while it’s a little stronger. Ethan wasn’t much of a mover so I’m hoping this baby moves around a bit more.  Everything else is going good so far and we got some of the tests back and the baby is looking healthy. I’m just really looking forward to the next couple of doctor visits so we can see the baby again.


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  1. your DARLING…….

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