I was looking through my photos from this weekend and I forgot that I had taken this on Friday. Abby hung out with us for the day and my photos of the two of them were horrible. But I loved this one of Ms. Abby.

Now on to our weekend.

We haven’t really done too much, which has been really nice.

On Saturday we went to Home Depot for a few home improvement items we needed, more on that later, and then headed home to play outside.

Ethan sat on these stairs and said to me, “eat, juice”. Apparently he wanted a snack and as soon as I gave it to him he was super happy.

Here he’s saying cheese.

Here he’s telling you how big he is.

And in this one he’s showing his muscles.

That night Brett and I went on a date while Ethan stayed with “Gam-ma”. He ate lots of strawberries, played outside til it was dark, and got to spend quality time with Gam-ma and her doggies. A successful night.

On Sunday morning this was his attire.

But soon he was out of that and we were ready to walk to the park.

He was a little hesitant about going down the slide by himself so Dad had to help him a bit.

And he didn’t want to go on the baby swings so Dad had to go on the big kid swings with him.

Then we had a little lunch.

We played a little bit more, stopped at a really cool car show that was right by the house and then Ethan fell asleep on the walk back home.

He’s sleeping, Brett’s watching March Madness, I’m blogging, and we’ll be barbecuing tonight. A successful weekend if you ask me.

Happy Weekend!


3 responses to “

  1. That post was the perfect definition of weekend! The sun was out, and the little peanuts cheeks were so rosy, oh, and I think his muscles are bigger then he is giving them credit for.

  2. that photo of him with glasses/boots is officially my property now. its the best!
    and i agree with erica…seems like a really wonderful weekend.

  3. I was gonna say the same as Erica…he’s not giving himself much credit regarding his muscles…or maybe he’s just being modest like his little sister…oh, I mean, little sibling in your tummy 😉

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