Photo Madness.

I’ve been on a photo taking spree these last couple of days and these are my faves.

My little worker up above there. I give him little chores to do like help take the laundry out of the dryer, water the flowers, put trash in its place, and take his hamper to his room. He does a great job and gives me huge high-fives when he’s done. He gets so proud of himself and I love it.

And don’t you just love the one of him and his dog? Priceless.

I’ve got much more pictures to come, but I hear a little someone waking up from their nap…so keep checking.


2 responses to “Photo Madness.

    yes, the one with him and the dog is soo cute!
    love his rosey cheeks!! my babies had rosey cheeks =)

  2. These made me think of John Lennon’s “Beautiful Boy!” Love these pix of our beautiful boy!! 🙂

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