Brett’s Birthday.

Brett didn’t want a birthday gift this year, he only wanted to go to the Winternational drag races. I had never been, although I’ve heard a ton about it and really wanted to go. We left Ethan with my mom and dad for the day and headed off to Pomona. We met up with Brett’s friend Jason and pretty much started eating.

We started with this.

Well I didn’t have the beer or the hot dog, but I did eat the chilli cheese fries. Can you even see the fries? And they were disgustingly good.

Then we were off to watch the races.

I couldn’t believe how crazy loud the cars were. I didn’t wear earplugs for all of one of the races. My eardrums literally rattled. My butt was shaking on the bleachers. It was insane! They are so incredibly fast and loud. You really can’t understand how loud until you actually go there.

After watching some of the races for a while it was time for more food and we wanted to check out the pits. While we were in the pits we ran into John Force (he’s a big drag racer guy) and Brett insisted that I get a photo with him.

My big celebrity moment! Wooo Hooo!

And then more food.

Yummy funnel cake.

We had a great time watching the races, eating food and spending time together and with friends.

And by the look on this happy guy’s face I think he had a pretty good time.


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