I’m Spicing Things Up: Lasagna

I’m cooking again!

Well, only a little bit. Lately when I try to cook something or just think about cooking, it makes me feel sick.

But on Friday it was Brett’s birthday and he had asked for Lasagna so I was determinded to make it.

I was really excited because I finally got to use my Pioneer Woman Cookbook! Her recipe looked pretty simple and super yummy so I thought I would try. I had made a veggie lasagna a while ago and it was pretty good but never a meat lasagna, and I was hoping this was going to be great.

Oh let me tell you how wonderful it was.

First I had to cook the beef and sausage with garlic, oh my the smell was divine.

Then I made the cheese mixture. This recipe calls for cottage cheese instead of the usual ricotta which I think made it so much better. And of course lots of mozzarella.

Before the oven…

After the oven…

And on to our plates…

If you are dying for a fabulous lasagna dish you need this. Let me know and I will pass it along.

And since it was Brett’s birthday I just had to make cupcakes.

Happy Birthday Brett!

p.s. it’s not the best idea to let your husband and 1 year old eat cupcakes on the couch.


3 responses to “I’m Spicing Things Up: Lasagna

  1. Don’t forget about Kalli. She helped with the cupcakes too and would feel missed out if she ever read this.

  2. That meal looks super yum towN! Great job- and the cupcakes are brutiful!

  3. Happy 35th birthday Brett!!!

    The lasagna looks delicious!!

    You are SPECIAL !

    Mom and Dad

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