Trucks and Waves.

So I’m a few days behind but we had a fun-filled weekend and I thought I’d share.

On Saturday night we went to Monster Jam at Angel’s stadium.

For those of you that do not know, Monster Jam is where Monster Trucks race one another, but the fans really come out to see the trucks jump over cars, crash into one another and roll over. Ethan loved it! He kept yelling at the trucks, “go, go, go”! I wasn’t too sure if he would be scared because of the loudness but it didn’t seem to bother him at all. He’s such a boy.

Sunday morning we packed up Ethan and Kalli and headed to dog beach in Huntington Beach. Only one problem, there was no beach. The tide was high and the waves were huge so there was little beach to play on, so we stayed on the bike path where we almost caused a few accidents.

Ethan trying to walk Kalli was nearly impossible. He kept letting the leash go and then she would run one way and Ethan would run the other. Most of the time Brett had to carry Ethan and they held the leash together. It was just a little tiring to say the least. But I can’t complain, it was beautiful outside and we enjoyed watching the waves.


2 responses to “Trucks and Waves.

  1. Awesome pics. I think the boy and his dog, and the sandy shoe, are both frameable photo contest worthy pics!

  2. I’m with Erica….very cool fotos!! Loved ’em 😉

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