Drumroll Please…

We’re having a baby!!!

That’s right, I’m pregnant.

We are so excited, of course, and can’t wait for this little baby to get here.

We found out New Year’s Eve, although I expected it a little sooner but it was too early to detect. We finally went to the doctor yesterday and we saw the little heartbeat and everything looks great. I’m about 7 weeks, which makes my due date September 10th. It seems so far away but I know it will be here before I realize. So far I’ve felt pretty good, just really tired and I have nausea this time around. I rarely felt sick with Ethan so this is all a little new.

I can’t get over the fact that we are going to be a family of 4. I have to admit I’m a tad bit anxious about how it’ll all work but I know everything will be fine once the baby is here. I’m also a little sad that Ethan is not my littlest and only baby anymore. I know he will always be my baby, but I won’t be giving him my undivided attention all the time like I do now.  I’m trying to savor these months with him before the baby is due.

The next 7 months will be an adventure for our little growing family and although I am a bit anxious and sad, I’m more than ecstatic about what is to come. I’m a mixture of emotion but, oh yeah, I’m pregnant…I should be.

And here’s a not so great picture of the silly big brother to be.


2 responses to “Drumroll Please…

  1. Can’t wait!! I’m sooooo excited to see who this little person is!! Another red head perhaps?? 🙂

  2. How exciting for all of you! Ethan will be a wonderful “Big Brother”.

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