The last couple of days.

Let us start with Monday shall we…

Brett was home for the holiday and we decided that since it was going to be a rainy day, we’d stay in jammies and play inside. We had a picnic in the living room and Ethan drew some lovely pictures.

And I let him eat goldfish in the bath.

I caved. He was eating a snack and it wasn’t his normal bathtime and he needed to get in, he started screaming, and I gave in. He quickly figured out that he didn’t like soggy fish though.

Then Brett and I headed to the Laker game!

We had a great time eating, people watching, and enjoying the game.

But at the end of the game we got a message from my sister, Emily, who was watching Ethan, that he had thrown up in his bed. I felt horrible! First, for the little guy since he’s never had the stomach flu, and second, this could not have happened to a worse person. Emily has a slight phobia (maybe that’s too strong of a word), for people who throw up, so I felt terrible for her. But she did do a fantastic job of taking care of him.

He was good through the night but looked like this in the morning.

Pitiful. All was going well and when he was having a little lunch he got sick again. He had the most helpless look on his little face. I felt so terrible and sad for him. And he cried and cried and then fell asleep for a long time.

While he was sleeping this was happening outside.

We don’t get much weather around here so this was exciting. Plus, we had a tornado warning! I had visions of this tornado swirling around in my backyard, and me running into Ethan’s room, grabbing him from the crib, getting under blankets in the hallway to shield us from debris flying through the windows. But there was no tornado. Just some strong wind. But hey, it was exciting.

Back to Ethan. He was doing fine last night. He ate a little dinner, had a bath and even danced around a bit. He slept good, so I went to work and so did Brett. Then my father-in-law called and he’d been sick again. Ugh!

I came home to this sad face.

He’s sleeping now as I write and I’m hoping he keeps down some of the snack he ate.

Oh and it’s raining like crazy outside! Maybe there’s another tornado in our future. Better get the blankets ready.


One response to “The last couple of days.

  1. That is the saddest little face in all of the land 😦

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