Race Weekend.

Over the weekend we headed to Laughlin Nevada for my dad’s off-road race. We had a good time hanging out in the dirt and watching the racecars. I didn’t take too many pictures, I just wasn’t in the mood, but I did get a couple cute ones.

Dad’s watching the races with their kiddos.

Miss Radley.

Aunt Emily had cookies and they attacked.

The future face of Wilson Motorsports.

One thing I did do was play around with the lens Brett had gotten me a while back. I usually take photos close up so I don’t get to use the zoom lens too often and I’m still learning. But it was fun taking some action photos.

Unfortunately both cars broke down the second day of racing and were unable to finish, but it was fun to go and support the team. Plus, I got to relax a bit, eat a lot, read some of my book, and gamble a little (although I didn’t win a thing). So who can beat that, right?


One response to “Race Weekend.

  1. Go action photographer Go!
    Some very cute kid photos too! Love the one with them attacking their auntie-Priceless all around. Annnnd that’s some snazzy jacket hes got on that little peanut- I wish it could grow with him.

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