The Irony.

On Saturday night I went out on a sister date. We went to dinner and the movies and had a great time. Brett was home with Ethan and he had decided that he wanted to make lobster (which he had never cooked before) and fillet. I laughed at him knowing that he would never be eating at a decent hour since he hadn’t even prepared any of the food when I left at 5:30. I got a few picture messages while we were out of his progress which gave us all a good laugh. I thought it was funny because he gives me a hard time about photographing the food I make and now he’s sending me photos? Ha! Well, like I thought he didn’t eat until around 8ish and he had to scarf it down because Ethan was cranky and only wanted to sit in his dad’s lap, but he said it was great. Good for him. So the funny thing is that tonight as I was going through my photos I found these.

Who’s the dork now taking photos of their food, huh? Who’s laughing now!


2 responses to “The Irony.

  1. This is so funny!! I love that he took these pictures….you go Brett!!!
    p.s. when are we invited for some lobster? 😉

  2. Don’t hate the player. Hate the game.

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