Early Christmas Celebration.

My mom started a new tradition in our family last year (at least I think it was last year), where my sisters, their families, my parents, and us, all get together to celebrate Christmas before Christmas. You see, Christmas Eve is wonderful at my mom and dad’s house but there are a ton of people there and we don’t get to spend time together as just us. This way we get to enjoy our time eating and exchanging gifts, and then we celebrate some more with the whole gang on Christmas Eve. I love it!

So on Sunday we got together to celebrate.

Lovely table by Jul, of course. She’s taught me everything I know.

Food. Enough said.

Abby drinking cider and Radley being too cute.

Ethan chowing down.

The kids favorite part…the presents.

Papa and Gee got them a bunch of trucks and motorcyles to go in the motorhome for the races. But I have a feeling they might stay at the house since they were such a hit.

It was a great time with just us and now I’m looking forward to more Christmas celebrating. Only a couple days left!


One response to “Early Christmas Celebration.

  1. That little peanut is so excited he is in a state of dismay in that last picture!

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