I’m Spicing Things Up: Chicken and Rice Soup

I know, you thought I’ve given up on cooking, right? Well just when you lost all hope I’m back in the kitchen. I never actually left, I’ve just been too busy, well lazy, to get creative and try something new. I have done some baking though. Remember what I said about this time of year…all I really want is sweets anyway.

I decided to not be so lazy on Monday and I made some really deeelish chicken and rice soup. Of course I went to the ever so lovely blog of The Pioneer Woman for help, and she did not disappoint. Try this. Really.

I was super easy, and super tasty, and super warm for a chilly day. It was quick too which was great because I didn’t have much time. What wasn’t so great was that I almost sliced my finger off. I really should get some lessons on how to properly cut veggies. It was a close call but I managed to finish without a scratch.

Here’s the chicken and veggies before diving into the pot.

And the finished product. With a spinach salad and some biscuits. Yummy!

Try it. You’ll like it.


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