Christmas Time at the Lewis Residence.

We’re all decorated around these parts. The decorations are out, the lights are up, the ornaments are hung. It feels like Christmas! So I thought I’d share my favorite Christmas decorations I have around the house.

Our tree is a hodge podge (is that how you spell it?) of things we have had since we were kids, ornaments that have benn handed down, new ones given, and a few we’ve purchased. I love it! We have no theme, it’s just ours, and it’s perfect. And if you are wondering I’m hanging our cards from the red ribbon hanging in the window. I just don’t have anything to hang them with yet.

These are some of my favorite ornaments…

They were given to me by my Grandma and they may have been her mothers. I think I have 16 in all which is amazing to have that many in such good condition. She thinks they are about 50 to 60 years old and I love them.

We don’t have a fireplace (insert my sad face) so I had to get creative with the stockings this year. The little man would have pulled those heavy stocking hangers right onto himself so instead I took our curtain off our back door and hung the stockings there. Perfect (insert me patting myself on the back).

I am almost positive these were all my Grandma’s. I sometimes forget what came from my mom and what came from my Grandma. I should be better at that.

The kitchen would not be complete without candy. And I am almost certain the kisses jar came from my mom.

I made some snowflake garland this year. I love glitter at Christmas and I had these snowflakes, so I just tied on some twine and voila! (Again insert the patting of the back)

And last but not least, the outside of the house. It puts me in the Christmas spirit.

Merry Christmas!


2 responses to “Christmas Time at the Lewis Residence.

  1. oh my! thIS POST is definitely in my top 5 favorite posts of all Adrian Post Time! I want that snowflake garland, its fab! and that tree is gorgeous, genius move on the stockings and and and, double high five my friend!

  2. I do say…you are more and more like Martha everyday!! Everything is splendid, Jr.!!! (insert me patting you on the back here 😉

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