Rainy Day Schedule.

Remember when you were in Elementary School and on rainy days you had to stay in class all day. And you got to play heads up 7 up, and that game where you would sit on your desks and throw the ball around and it couldn’t touch the floor, and you got to color all day. Wouldn’t that be fun again.

Well we didn’t exactly do all that but we had a rainy day ourselves yesterday. It was the first rain of the season and the sad little noodle kept longingly looking outside, but of course it was just too wet to go out. The rain was really loud outside and my favorite thing he kept doing was putting his finger to his ear and tilting his head. If he could talk I’m sure he would have been saying, “Geesh mom, do you hear all that rain?”

So instead of playing outside we watched Nemo, read books, flew airplanes, danced to 70’s music, and  made cookies.

He was such a good little helper making cookies with me for the first time. He loved it! And isn’t that little face just sweeter than sugar!


3 responses to “Rainy Day Schedule.

  1. yes it is!!! sweet as SUGAR =) hope your feeling better.

  2. I tooooooots remember the rainy day sch. I loved the desk game, but I also remember the musty wet carpet smell, and all the weird smells after we all ate our little lunches inside.

    Your little cookie baker, on the other hand I am sure only smells like sugar.

  3. One of my favorite things to do with Brian when he was a little guy. He kept it up til he was about 7 or 8…then he wanted to just eat the dough 😉 Enjoy your little helper for as long as he’ll let you 😉

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