Goodbye Fall, Hello Winter

So I know fall hasn’t officially ended and winter has not officially began, but I always feel that the seasons change from November to December. It just feels like winter has started.

My farewell to November is this yummy coffee.

My mom received it as a gift and does not drink regular coffee so she generously gave it to me. Goodbye everything pumpkin, you just don’t seem right for December.

My fall farewell picture of the noodle.

On this particular day he was picking the leaves off the ground and trying to put them back on the trees. I wish I would have gotten a picture of his little hands trying his “hardest” to get those leaves to stay put.

Goodbye Fall.

My winter welcoming are these.

I start craving sweets this time of year and when I was at the store the other day I had to buy nilla waffers, because they are simply goodness. And I had cupcakes last night, and lemon cake today, and…Bring it on!

My winter welcoming picture of the little man.

He got into my wrapping paper last night and I let him have some old Christmas wrap I didn’t care about. He had a great time crinkling it, crunching it, and sliding on it across the floor. Christmas is going to be awesome!

Hello Winter!


2 responses to “Goodbye Fall, Hello Winter

  1. Yes, this Christmas is gonna rock! Lets start it off with some awesome sweaters! So if I just wrap some wrapping paper for E dog then he will be happy?

  2. how can you eat nilla wafers, cupcakes, and all the other goodness you’ve been making and still look so fabulous? i want to hurt people like you!!! love you anyway :/

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