Thanksgiving Weekend

We started out our Thanksgiving weekend at my mom and dad’s house for a fabulous Thanksgiving feast. There was tons of good food, pie, laughs, left right center, hugs, football, dessert (did I already say that), old faces, new faces, and an all around good time.

Then on Friday we headed to the River. We had a nice time just relaxing. We went for a boat ride, ate food, watched the boat parade, and did a whole lotta nothing.

Abby and Ethan were dancing together, or more like Abby was forcing him to dance with her.

When he gave up she danced alone.

My mini photo shoot before we left this morning. Between him trying to jump off the dock and being mesmerized by the boats, I wasn’t able to get the Christmas card photo I was hoping for. Oh well…Aunt Emily comes home Wednesday so she can help me out.

Happy late Thanksgiving again! Now…on to Christmas!


One response to “Thanksgiving Weekend

  1. The sidewards beannie on E. dog kills me, he is far to cool for school, he could probably start teaching himself. With all your great pics, I kinda feel like I was there! HA

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