Mad Rad Turns 2

Miss Radley James Wilson turned 2 years old on the 19th. It doesn’t possibly seem that it could have been 2 years ago that she was born. Time is flying by.

The lucky girl got 2 birthday celebrations. The first one was at Aunt Erin’s house on the actual day, where we enjoyed a fabulous dinner and cupcakes.

I have no cute pictures of Ethan eating a cupcake because for the first time ever he didn’t want desert. On that night he was not my child.

After dinner and desert they were messy enough to need a bath. Once again, these pictures will be used for blackmail someday.

Then on Sunday we did some more celebrating with the whole family.

New Uggs from Gee and blocks from Aunt Erin…

This last picture is seriously my favorite.

Happy Birthday Miss Rad!


2 responses to “Mad Rad Turns 2

  1. that last picture brought tears to my eyes! what a blessing. two very loved and lucky little girls.oh,and the little man too!! =)

  2. what beautiful babies!!! love ’em 🙂

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