So much to say, So little time.

A lots been happening around here and I haven’t had the time to share.

Well I have to be honest, I have had the time, but I’m having a bit of a love affair with these people…

Have you met them yet? The cast of Mad Men.

My girlfriend gave me Season 1 & 2 on DVD for my birthday and I’m obsessed. So a lot of my free time has been consumed with watching this fabulous show.

But I have found time to take pictures of what Ethan likes to do.

He likes to watch Brett mow the lawn from our front window.

He likes to eat cake.

He likes to go from screaming to happy in just seconds.

More fun pics to come very, very soon. But I think I might end for the night and watch me some Mad Men.


2 responses to “So much to say, So little time.

  1. you are funny my friend! i have heard ALOT about mad men. but have never seen it. maybe i should!
    love love love all your pix’s of the little man. so cute.
    hey, would you mind sending me your baked french toast recipe? thank you so much! xoxo,K

  2. He loves CAKE! I LOVE that picture!(and the screaming one too!)

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