Since He’s Been Gone.

While Brett has been away having fun without the Noodle and I this is what we’ve been doing.


Because I won’t open the garage door and Dad does.


Playing in the watering can.

Because after all that crying it was the only thing that made him happy.


Hanging with Abby.

Because when there’s nothing better to do, you can always go to the park and feed the ducks. And get attacked by geese.

DSC_0560 DSC_0564




Watching Nemo.

Because it is the newest obsession. And I mean OBSESSION. He wants to watch it all day from the minute he wakes up.


It’s been fun having the little guy all to myself the last couple of days, but we miss Brett. I will be so glad when he comes home tomorrow.


One response to “Since He’s Been Gone.

  1. Poor baby..look at those tears!! But, oh what a cutie, especially in the pix of him watching Nemo…so intent!!

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