I’m Spicing Things Up: Breakfast Style!

Brett hates breakfast. I love breakfast. I love all kinds of breakfast food…healthy kind, fatty kind, sugary kind. You name it, I’ll eat it. Brett on the other hand will eat eggs and bacon, and that’s usually only if he has too.

So since he’s been gone for a few days I have been making breakfast.

On Sunday morning I made the pumpkin pancakes from Trader Joe’s…yummy!


breakfast 2

I was so excited to eat them I almost forgot a picture.

Then tonight I made a French Toast Bake. This one was only for me. There was a ton of sugary goodness in there and I didn’t want Ethan to be hyper all night. I split the recipe in half since I didn’t think I needed a whole 9×13 size just for me. I could have been tempted to eat it all by myself, but I have to show some restraint.

This was amazing! It would make a perfect dish for a brunch or people who just like breakfast, unlike someone I know.



When you flip it over all the sugar goodness is on the bottom. Yum…It was so good!


3 responses to “I’m Spicing Things Up: Breakfast Style!

  1. Good Golly Mrs. Creative, when are you writing your cook book?

  2. I LOVE that you took a picture of the half eaten pancake…hahahaha!!
    I need the recipe for the french toast bake….looks scrum-dilly-isious!!!

  3. HOW does a human being hate breakfast? I do not understand.

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