I’m Spicing Things Up: Shepard’s Pie

I’m cooking again. I took a bit of a break from cooking new things the past couple of weeks because we were crazy busy and I didn’t have time to think about anything new. So simple and easy it was for the past couple weeks.

My sister Erin gave me a great recipe for Shepard’s Pie. I’m not much of a meat and potatoes kinda gal but Brett is. Well, guy not gal, and Friday night was his last night home for a few days, so I thought I’d make him some “hot food”. Whenever I ask him what he wants for dinner he always tells me “hot food”, which I think is funny because I rarely make “cold food”.

It was really yummy, and easy, and a Weight Watchers recipe. Don’t be fooled…I’m not on Weight Watchers (you’ll see why in the next post), but if I can make something a little healthier when I can I will.

shepard's pie

The only bummer was that I needed to put it in a larger baking dish. The bottom of my oven looks like this. Oh well, next time I’ll know.

Shepard's Pie


2 responses to “I’m Spicing Things Up: Shepard’s Pie

  1. If this clump of potatoes doesn’t look like a dream then I don’t know what does….

  2. you’re sooooooo british.

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