Our Little Pirate!

The Noodle was a pirate for Halloween this year. I was so happy he would wear the costume! I had tried it on him a couple of times before Halloween and he would not wear the hat and he would ripe off the jacket. I don’t know what happened on Halloween night but he loved it.

Pirate 1

Pirate 2

We first headed over to Great Grandma’s house where he got to pick any candy he wanted. He was so good and only took one piece.


pirate 4

Then we were off to Papa and Gee’s house to show off our fierce pirate. Gee gave the kids baggies filled with all kinds of healthy goodies.

pirate 5

Aunt Pammy was there too, and gave the kids goodies and books!

pirate 6

Then we went home for some trick or treating on our block.

We only went to a few houses and Ethan wasn’t too sure about taking candy from strangers. He was a bit nervous…even when we went to Aunt Pat’s house.

pirate 7

After all that trick or treating we went back to our house to pass out candy and play with the pumpkins on the porch.

pirate 8

pirate 9

Ethan was so cute when we were passing out candy. He’d wave to all the kids and say, “hi, hi, hi.” And a few times when they left he tried to follow them or he would squeal and get this really sad face. I think he wanted them to stay and play.

And it isn’t Halloween if you don’t eat something out of your pumpkin.

pirate 10

Happy Halloween!


3 responses to “Our Little Pirate!

  1. 2 for one special today!? These blog posts are making me melt!!!!! (don’t stop)

  2. he is the cutest pirate i’ve ever seen!!
    i loved that he kept the hat on…too cute!!!

  3. He may be the cutest red head on the planet…well next to his Papa, of course!!!

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