It’s been a very productive Saturday. Loads and loads of laundry got done, things got hung on the walls, the house got clean (sort of), and I even made it to the mall.

At about 10am Ethan usually likes to have a snack. So today he went to the cupboard as usual and pointed up to it like he usually does saying “ease” (please). But then he went over to the dvd’s (which he is not supposed to touch) and grabbed Finding Nemo and handed it to me. So I put it in the dvd player and started playing it for him. I walked out of the room and a couple minutes later this is how I found him. Just hanging out, watching some Nemo.


Then we played outside for a while.



And while Ethan took a nap, Brett and I changed the look of our bedroom. Here is the before picture…


As you can see we have no headboard and our wall is a tad bit boring. So we added some drama.


It’s amazing what curtains can do! I love it! Now I just need some better pillows, does it ever stop.

Brett left to go the USC game so Ethan and I headed off to the mall and then we had dinner at Erin and Colin’s house.

And before bed we had some fun.



Tomorrow we’re off to the Pumpkin Patch!


One response to “Saturday.

  1. Your room looks good…you could be on “design on a dime”!! (and of course the pix of “Eth” are cute too 🙂

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