Birthday Dinner

On Monday we went over to my parent’s house to celebrate October birthdays, yours truly, my dad, my sister Amy, and her boyfriend Kyle. My mom made some delicious Mexican food for all to enjoy. The kids were really hyper and I got some fun pictures of them.





We actually got them to sit for a couple minutes and take a couple of photos.




And a picture of cupcakes because they were so good!


It was a very fun evening but I will say it wasn’t complete because Emily was not there. It’ll be nice when she comes home. We miss her!


3 responses to “Birthday Dinner

  1. Lovely pics! I love the laughter you can feel in Ethans laugh face, and um about the smooshed face Radleys got goin… Yearbook embarrassment photo maybe? 🙂

  2. Yes, we do miss that Aunt Emily!!!
    Great photos of the kids!!

  3. Oh my. Sometimes I get a little teary when I see your fantastic photos of the little ones. This time was no different. And then I read the shout-out at the end and that realllly got me teary. Miss you guys tooooo!!! Oi vey!

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