The Noodle’s Growing Up

He really truly is.

On Friday we took him to get his haircut and right before my very eyes he changed from a baby to a toddler. No more little curls and uneven hair. He now seriously looks like a little man.

He did so well. No tears or yelling. He just sat there very curious about what was happening.

This was the last picture of my little baby…

haircut 1

haircut 2

haircut 3

haircut 4

haircut 5

This is Fina. She’s been cutting Brett’s hair for about 15 years so we had to go to her. She did a great job. And now we have a very respectable little Republican. Hahaha!

Brett went with us for the haircut but had to go back to work, so Ethan and I celebrated him doing so well with a little chick-fil-a.

haircut 6

He truly just looks like a little young man now. All big and grown up.

bigger 1


2 responses to “The Noodle’s Growing Up

  1. baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ha ha ha look at that little monkey head! He is so handsome, he could not have cared less that he was sitting in that chair! He is to awesome!

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