This Past Weekend…

We did some work in our front yard. Everything had died when it got really hot and we hadn’t planted anything since. So we headed to Home Depot to get some new greenery.

Our Front Planter Before…


Ethan helping out…


Our Front Planter After…


Brett and Ethan headed over to Toys R Us on Sunday to get the little guy some outside toys. This is what they came home with…

motorcycle 1

His first motorcycle! He was overcome with joy! Papa will be so proud!

motorcycle 2 motorcycle 3

Also, my friend Karen called me on Saturday and told me her neighbor had a sandbox in their front lawn that said “FREE” on it. She wanted to know if I was interested and I definitely was. Brett and I had been talking about getting a sandbox but one that’s free is even better. Here it is…


How stinkin’ cute is that! We need to clean it up a bit and add the sand, but it’s great! And Ethan already loves it!

And lastly…one more big smile from the Noodle.



2 responses to “This Past Weekend…

  1. Score and Score! Great weekend pics, Love love loVE the sand box!-and the smiley kid in it..

  2. love the picture of Ethan standing on the quad, to
    funny, the sand box is great, what a lucky guy.
    Love to all of you, Great Grandma

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