It’s been a few days.

I’ve been sick and haven’t felt like doing much.

So no fabulous dinner of the week. And hardly any great photos of the little man.

But this is what I do have…

One thing Ethan loves more than anything are his books, which makes me a very proud mama. But over the last few days it has become an obsession. He wants to play with the books only, and he wants to sit in our laps and have them read to him. Which again, makes me proud, but we need a break and I’d like for him to play with the blocks or anything else just a little bit.

Here he is with his books saying “cheeeeese”.


*Oh and a little side note, he broke that pot and another with a plant in it all in the same day. He was on a roll.*

Saying “cheeeeese” again while doing some housework.


Brett and I went to a beautiful wedding over the weekend outside of Santa Barbara. Ethan stayed the night with his Aunt Pammy and Uncle Jimbo and had a wonderful time. I took some lousy photos of the wedding, but here’s one of us.

SB wedding-us

I was a little motivated this week and I put this together…

fall centerpiece

I had been looking for something fallish to put on our dining room table and I was having no luck. I stopped by Pier 1 on Monday and picked up all these goodies to make a centerpiece. Best part, the terrarium was originally $30 marked down to $7, and everything you see inside was also on sale. Such a steal! Now my house smells like yummy fall.

fall centerpiece 2

We stayed home today since I was not feeling well at all and it looks like a bomb went off in my house. Along with all of his books Ethan has pulled out every toy and they are strewn across our little house. This is how I found him watching Nick Jr. (no more Noggin) this afternoon.

watching tv

And lastly, my mom gave me this coaster and I thought I would share the laugh with you.



5 responses to “It’s been a few days.

  1. LOVE THE COASTER!!!!!!!
    feel better =)

  2. Sick or not you still got great pics! woW! on the creative tip centerpiece pic! I want one!annnnnnd the cleaning baby? Turn it into a postcard.

  3. Love the centerpiece and thanks for showcasing that hilarious coaster!!! I couldn’t resist it!! Oh, yeah and the boy is adorable of course!!! 🙂

  4. no more noggin!!! lordy, things are really changing fast.

  5. Well, if it isn’t Martha, Jr., Jr.!!! ( Yes, I meant Jr., Jr….since your Mom is Martha, Jr. 😉 That centerpiece is too cute, and Ethan’s not too shabby either =) I love that boy!!

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