I’m Tired…

…and I’m not feeling so great. I hope this is just a little cold I have caught and it goes away quick. We have a wedding to go to this weekend in Santa Barbara. Ethan’s not going and we are making a mini trip out of it and I don’t want to be sick. I’ve had so much Vitamin C, Echinacea, and tea today that I’m hoping it will do the trick. So this is gonna be short.

I just wanted to share some of my favorite pictures over the last few days.


Abby was dancing around the living room. I know it’s not in focus but it captures her perfectly twirling around to the music. I love her.


I made pumpkin bread. I could have just eaten all the batter instead of baking it but I thought better of it. Oh it was good!


Ethan was helping me carry his laundry from his bedroom to the washer. This is how he was carrying it. Disgusted.


He was cracking up at himself.


We played outside tonight since it’s so dang hot out still.


Just before bed Ethan was sitting in my lap watching some Noggin with me. I love these moments.



4 responses to “I’m Tired…

  1. Tear.. last pictures.. Thats one of those you put in his year book when he is a senior in H.S. His P.J’s remind me of fall time 🙂

  2. Lovin’ your blog Ade… Master E is adorable as usual… and I just might give that chicken spaghetti a whirl! I hope you feel better before your weekend get-away! xoxoxo Love you!

  3. Ethan looks like such a big boy in some on these pix it made me a little teary!!! 🙂 Can’t he stay little just a while longer??

  4. omgggg that last photo with the hands is wonderful. a pale pile of greatness. i love you guys. and i love how ethan is so effing cheery all the time! he rules.

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