I’m Spicing Things Up: Week 5

Last night I made Chicken Spaghetti, from the Pioneer Woman’s collection of wonderful casseroles. People, try this. It was so good, and rich, and fattening, and delicious. Just what a casserole should be. And the best part was that Brett and Ethan loved it. Ethan ate so much I thought he would burst. I was glad he liked it because it’s got some onion and bell pepper hidden in there and he didn’t even know he was eating it. He’s only 1 and I’m already sneaking food in.

I’ve made casseroles before but I wanted to make this one because I had to do a couple of new things. Here goes…

I boiled a chicken with the bones and skin on it. (I usually only cook boneless, skinless chicken breasts)

I used pimentos for the first time and had to find them in the grocery store. Well I had to ask for help. I was totally off.

I’ve never cooked pasta noodles in chicken broth after the real pieces of chicken had been in it. Kinda creeped me out for a minute. I’m getting better.


I’ve never used Cayenne Pepper in anything.

So I tried a few new things and was really pleased with the outcome.


Everything mixed together. Look at all the pretty colors. Kinda reminds me of Christmas.

chicken spaghetti 1

Just before it hit the oven.

chicken spaghetti 2

And the finished bubbly goodness.

chicken spaghetti 3

Really go out and buy the stuff now to make it asap. It was a hit with us!


2 responses to “I’m Spicing Things Up: Week 5

  1. number17cherrytreelane

    Ok…I make this ALL THE TIME and love it! It was the first recipe of hers I made! YUMMO!!!

  2. Ok, are you going to become a famous photographer soon or a famous cook first?

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