Football Season Is Here!

This past weekend football season started, which means my life for the next 15 weeks (plus playoffs) will be consumed with football thanks to Brett. He is the biggest fan I know and his favorite team is the Raiders.

Please don’t hate us.

On Monday we all sported our silver and black to show our support for the first game of the season. I know it seems really silly but it means a lot to Brett.


raiders 2

raiders 3 raiders 4

raiders 5

The Raiders unfortunately lost their first game, but we’re hoping for a better season this year. Keep your fingers crossed…and toes, and eyes, and anything else. They need it.


5 responses to “Football Season Is Here!

  1. ahhh ha ha look at that little mini me.

  2. too stinkin’ cute in their black & silver!!!

  3. Don’t apologize or call it silly or any of that nonsense!!! He is the ultimate fan…what’s the matter with that!! 🙂 I’m used to it…I live with Emily (the ultimate Laker fan)!!

  4. hahahah thats right mama! its not silly…for example, i brought my laker tank top with me to brazil so that i can wear it on opening day even though i wont be able to watch the game. so, i think brett´s dedication is admirable! and your support of it is fantastic. whoo sports are fun!

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