Primm Race!

This is Ethan’s Papa…


And this is what he likes to do for fun…


He’s an off-road racecar driver!

So this past weekend we headed out to Primm, Nevada to watch Ethan’s Papa race.

Ethan loved the dirt, of course. He’s such a boy! And man does he love those racecars. Every time the guys were working on the cars or one would go by, he would stop whatever he was doing to watch. I think we might have a future racer on our hands.



Watching as the car’s getting ready to take off.


Ms. Radley was out in the dirt too!





Brett took the camera for a few minutes. It seems like I never get a picture with the little guy anymore.


Check out the grin on his face. He loved the little car because it has a horn that he kept beeping.


Over the weekend Ethan looked so big to me. Some days he wakes up and I feel like he has changed over night. Seeing him in the dirt, walking all over the place (have I mentioned he’s pretty much walking now), and wearing his little toddler clothes that don’t look so babyish anymore, made me realize how big he really is getting. Doesn’t he look like a little man?



We had a great time in the playing in the dirt! Oh…and Papa did pretty good! He got 6th place in his class, but the best thing is that he is still holding 1st place in his class for points. Wooo Hooo Papa!!!


2 responses to “Primm Race!

  1. It’s the red hair!!! Makes them wanna race and get into all kinds of mischief!! 🙂 Watch out!!

  2. so cute! a racer in training…

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