Our Day With Abby

On Friday Ethan and I got to spend the day with Abby. I am just as obsessed with my nieces as I am the noodle, so of course I took a zillon pictures of them both. Here’s my favorites.

Abby picked out all the pink blocks and wanted to play with just those ones…


We played outside…



Abby wanted to wear my flip-flops so badly…


I  love her fat little feet…


They took naps and woke up at exactly the same time.

(I didn’t let them sleep together. I put Abby in when she woke up and they thought it was hilarious.)



They ate a ton of Cheerios. I don’t know how that many Cheerios fit into such small little bodies.

And of course Abby had to feed Ethan his…


And they played inside…


We had a fun day and we get to do it again on the 25th!


2 responses to “Our Day With Abby

  1. Look at the hair on that kid, shes a beauty!I love the devious smiley face with the sleepy happy eyes pic you took of Mr. Peanut

  2. Loving it!!! 🙂 Oh how lucky they are to have each other!!!

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