Labor Day Weekend.

This year our Labor Day Weekend was pretty uneventful. I liked it like that. We had nothing planned, except a day trip for Brett and I to go shopping while Ethan stayed with his great-grandma. I was sort of dreading it since Brett is not the most wonderful shopper on the planet, but it went suprising well and I have a fabulously dressed husband now. So here’s some snapshots of our weekend.

We played outside…we were very serious.

DSC_0403 DSC_0385

I like how Kalli didn’t even move as he was dumping water on himself right next to her. I’m pretty sure she was thinking, “you fool…now you’ll have no more water in the bucket again. When will you ever learn.”


On Saturday night my cousin Nate and his wife Melissa visited us while they were in town from Oregon. They had never met Ethan and I got a cute picture of Ethan and Nate together.


On Sunday we went to my parents house for some pizza to visit with Nate and some of the family. The little girls were up to their usual cute ways…



And Ethan was a cutie too…


This is my Uncle Jimbo…


He likes to arm wrestle…


On Monday Brett had to work in the attic, big long story, and Ethan wanted to be up there with him. Since he couldn’t make the climb he decided to wait for him at the bottom…



The rest of Monday was spent mainly at home with a little visit to the park to feed the ducks. Then to end the weekend I made the fabulous dinner below. Overall it was an easy, lazy, holiday weekend. The best kind!


5 responses to “Labor Day Weekend.

  1. Great pix!!

  2. What a cute picture of him waiting at the bottom of the ladder. I thought you were going to say he fell. I was so relieved.

  3. i love the one of him waiting by the ladder with his legs crossed!! how cute 😉 and i love the ones of jimbo too!! they’re all great!!

  4. Fab. pics! the floor ones rock! did you lie on your belly to get it? I think that one needs to be framed, or turned into a card or something?

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