I’m Spicing Things Up: Week 4

Who doesn’t love to BBQ on Labor Day? Well I do…so that’s why this weeks dinner idea was taking place outside.

I turned to the ever so lovely Pioneer Woman for some grillin’ ideas and found Yummy, Easy Pineapple Skewered Shrimp.

And let me tell you it was a cinch! But first I must share my little story of shrimp.

You see when I was a little girl my parents would take me and my sisters to Sizzler (at the time, to us, it was fancy). And I would order shrimp. I loved it. The little plate of breaded shrimp that would be all mine, just for me. I thought I was all grown up and super fancy. I never really thought about what I was eating, I just knew I liked those little breaded things and I only got them there. On day I went to the aquarium with school. I don’t remember how old I was, but I saw those little live shrimp swimming in the tank and I saw how cute they were and how see through they were and at that very moment I gave up shrimp. I couldn’t believe that I had been eating those little guys the whole time. Why I never put two and two together I will never know, but I swore off of them for years and when we’d go to Sizzler I would only get the salad bar.

One day I got over it. I don’t remember where I was or who I was with, but I ate one of those little fellas and it was good. I’ve been eating them ever since, but I’ve never cooked them. I’ve always bought the pre-cooked kind at trader joes that you just thaw and serve. So this was a first. And seeing those little gray bodies did bring back the memories of seeing them in that tank for the first time, but it didn’t stop me. I kept on cooking.

So here’s my little shrimp marinating nicely…

shrimp marinating

Here’s my little shrimp skewered and ready to grill along with some asparagus (another tip from Ree) as a side getting ready to bake…

asparagus & shrimp

The finished little shrimp…

finished shrimp

So our meal for the evening was…some spicy sausages to start (Brett wanted those) with pita chips and hummus, then for the main course pineapple shrimp, herb and garlic rice, and asparagus. So tasty!! The best part was that it wasn’t so blazin’ hot and we could eat outside again. Perfect end to the summer!


As you can see, the noodle had watermelon and a meatball. He ate some of the rice and pineapple off my plate too but I just don’t think he’s ready for shrimp and spicy sausage.

And just for fun here’s a picture of the noodle eating dinner outside. He wouldn’t smile for me. You see he was a little upset because he burned the tip of his finger on the bbq. Ouch! But he was much happier once he got some watermelon in him.



2 responses to “I’m Spicing Things Up: Week 4

  1. WOW…I am sooooo impressed with the cooking skills!! I’m still waiting for that invite!! 🙂 And…that kid is adorable!! Of course!!


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