Hello New Bathroom!!

Finally our bathroom is finished. Well it has been for a couple of weeks but I’ve just been too lazy to put pictures up. I’m so happy with the outcome. It’s just what I pictured in my mind. Click here for the old bathroom. Now check out the new bathroom…








I love it more than I imagined I would. Everything about this bathroom is perfect to me. From day 1 I really wanted to do the floors like this and I almost didn’t. I am so happy I did, and I love the little black glass tile that we added in. The best part is that I no longer gag while sitting on the floor giving Ethan a bath!


3 responses to “Hello New Bathroom!!

  1. Oh my! I wanted to see it in person first but Im just as excited with the pictures! Probably because your a pro photographer now with your close up tile shots! No more toddler toilet šŸ™‚ P.S. love the personal touch with a pic of Ethan on the counter :)!

  2. WOW – Looks great!! Good use of colors, tile, stone, etc. It all really works together.

  3. Loving it!!!

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