I’m Spicing Things Up: Week 3

This week was a bit more hot than spicy in the kitchen!

One of the gals I work with gave me a couple of these super hot little red peppers, pictured below, which gave me the inspiration to make enchiladas. I have a really good recipe but I asked her what she does when she makes enchiladas. See, she is Mexican and make really good authentic Mexican food, not like little blonde me. She said she makes her enchiladas with chicken, onion, bell pepper, these little red peppers, and tops it off with a homemade sauce. I wasn’t brave enough to try the homemade sauce, but I did try her enchilada combo.


First I boiled two chicken breasts. Then I started chopping up the veggies. I started with the bell pepper, then moved on to the little peppers…so far so good, and then came the onion. This is where my little cooking experience takes a sour turn. This onion was like no onion I had cut before. I was balling my eyes out cutting the darn thing. I quickly finish, as all my makeup from the day is now running down my face, rinse my hands off in the kitchen sink, and head to the bathroom for a tissue to wipe my eyes. As I am wiping away the tears I get this excruciating pain right in my eyeball. My eye starts watering worse than before and burning like no other. I thought my eyeball was going to burn right out of my head. Now both eyes are watering uncontrollably and I walk, ok stumble, out into the living room and tell Brett something is seriously wrong. He just kind of laughs at me and tells me to rinse my eye out with as much water as possible. Why didn’t I think of that? Praise the Lord, it worked. Apparently I hadn’t rinsed my hands well enough after touching those little peppers and I rubbed it’s hotness right into my eye. I really don’t recommend it. If you ever touch those little red peppers please do yourself a favor a wash your hands really well. You’ll thank me.

Well after that little dramatic episode I returned to the kitchen to finish up. Now I don’t know if you’ve ever made enchiladas before but I always get disappointed when I try to get them out of the pan and they fall apart and look like a pile of mush. So, a while back my sister gave me the idea of just making them into a casserole. It’s 10 times easier, less messy, and all around kind of lazier, but it tastes just the same and doesn’t look like mush.

So here is stage one…a layer of tortillas dipped in “store bought” enchilada sauce on the bottom with the chicken, veggies, and jack cheese on top.


Another layer of tortillas, chicken and stuff, more tortillas, some extra sauce, and more cheese. And ta da…

Lazy Chicken Enchiladas!


We had it was a green salad with the El Torito cilantro dressing (not on Weight Watchers) and it was so tasty. A little hot with those darn red peppers but I really recommend it. It was so easy and made for some great leftovers the next day.


While I was cooking…Ethan decided he’d found a new use for the tupperware.





He is so weird sometimes…I love it!


3 responses to “I’m Spicing Things Up: Week 3

  1. Yummy! I am full, I just ate lunch and I am hungry again… Thank you.
    Does this mean I can’t call him “Peanut Head” any more? Do I have to call him Tupper Ware head instead? I don’t want to!

  2. omg, ade!! i was laughing so hard trying to imagine you stumbling around crying your burnin’ eyes out!!
    i cry every time i cut up an onion; so this made me smile, knowing how you felt!! p.s. i love mr. tupperware-head 🙂

  3. Hilarious!!! Glad to see you’re still mixing it up in the kitchen!! So, when are you gonna have us over?? Hmmmmmmm?

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