Sunday Fun!

On Friday Brett and I decided that Sunday was going to be a fun filled family day. No chores, laundry, or working on the house. Just fun!

So the day started out with me making waffles. Brett is not a morning person which means he is not a breakfast person and I am. I rarely make breakfast these days. So waffles were a treat.


But apparently I was the only one that liked them.


After breakfast we headed out to Huntington Beach, but first we made a stop here…


Brett had always wanted to stop here and since it wasn’t too hot yet, we decided to take a walk around. We really liked it and so did the noodle. There were so many different types of birds and fish. We even saw some sting rays! I didn’t even know they had those there. Awesome!

DSC_0143 DSC_0158

Just checking out the birds…




Ethan wasn’t too happy about getting back in the car for the short ride to Huntington and this was the face he was giving us…


And he makes this snorting sound with it. It’s hilarious!

Our first stop in Huntington was the pier.

My guys checking out the surfers…



After a little people watching, surf watching, and volleyball watching, we headed over to the new Johnny Rockets for lunch.

DSC_0222 DSC_0224

I really wish Brett would smile more for pictures. He just looks pissed and he was really having a good time. I swear he was. Really I mean it.

I really wanted to get Ethan a Huntington Surf and Sport t-shirt but, of course, they didn’t have his size. So we settled for this…


The world’s smallest littlest quicksilver backpack. And he loves it!

Sometimes I really think he could be kids model. Can you see the ad now…


Ethan fell asleep on the way home and since we were still not going to do anything around the house, Brett and I decided to start a game of 80’s trivial pursuit. As of tonight we still don’t have a winner. We’re not as good with the 80’s as we thought, but we’re having a good time playing.


And yes, you can’t play a board game without fruity cocktails.

After Ethan got up from his nap we took a little bike ride around the neighborhood before dinner…


Sunday was a blast. We really need to take more of these days and enjoy our time together as a family. I get so caught up with running errands and cleaning the house and trying to do everything, that I sometimes forget to take a break and enjoy my guys.

Sunday was by far one of my favorite days this summer.


3 responses to “Sunday Fun!

  1. Wow! This was a great post! I swear, you are getting better and better each day at takin those pictures! Where is the Ecological center?! Tony and I would love to go! You have inspired me to have one of these Sundays sooN!

  2. great post addie!

  3. Looks like you had tons o’ fun!!! 🙂 Glad to see you taking family time seriously!! Love it!!

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