A Long Week

The Noodle was sick this week.

It all started on Monday in the wee hours of the morning with him waking up to a fever. The fever, which twice went over 103, lasted for 3 days, along with crankiness. Then yesterday he broke out with a rash. He has roseola. Luckily he slept through the night last night, the first time in 4 days, and he seems to back to his old self. Well his old self just with a rash. I hope tomorrow he wakes up looking much better. We will see.

Needless to say, Brett and I have not been getting much sleep ourselves this week and we’ve been a bit tired. So instead of doing all the wonderful posting I thought I was going to do, I’m just putting up some of my favorite pictures from this very long week.

I saw a lot of this pitiful face…


and this one too…


Kalli has figured out the best seat in the house and Ethan has figured out why she likes it…


We have pickled eggs in my house. I think that’s weird.


Ethan wasn’t miserable the whole week…



Instead of making a fabulous dinner this week (we ate out a lot. why is it when you are tired you want to eat greasy, crappy food?) I made iced tea in the sun. Like mom used to make.

Before & After.

DSC_0105 DSC_0115

And tonight…watching Noggin with dad…



2 responses to “A Long Week

  1. Wow, I think my heart shed a lil tear, those poor widdle glassy eyes, and even then he is still smiling and he is the best lookin kid on the block!

  2. Pickled eggs by Joe Josts……..a house hold necessity. The ice tea was really good. I thought it was too good to be instant.

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