Spicing Things Up-Week 2

I’ve been a little busy this past week and I wanted to post more but I’ve had no time. We went to the river for 4 days so I didn’t spend too much time on the computer, which is probably a good thing. I have the rest of the week off so I hope to write more. I’ll post pictures from the weekend soon. Of course, Ethan was cuter than ever!

Even though we’ve been busy and we just got home, I wanted to stay true to my word and to myself and make another great dinner. Something new and exciting. I wasn’t in the mood to go all out and make something from scratch. I mean, the house is a mess and I have laundry up to my eyeballs. So on our way home from our walk this morning I stopped in Vons to pick up a couple of things. I was walking down the cheese isle, my favorite isle, and the pre-made packaged pasta and already made sauces caught my eye.  I’ve never gotten them since they are pretty pricey and the stuff out of the can is much cheaper, but we’re still on vacation so I splurged and bought them. Here was dinner…

Breaded chicken, zucchini, buitoni pasta and marinara sauce, and of course, garlic bread.


dinner week 2


dinner week 2 done

Very Scruptious! I really didn’t learn how to make anything new, but I bought something new and that’s exciting. Also, I’ve learned that if I’m in a bind I can count on Buitoni!

And what does Ethan do while I’m making dinner you might ask.

Little Noodle was caught red handed!



One response to “Spicing Things Up-Week 2

  1. He was hungry…
    Who does not love cheese ravioli? and Garlic BREAD?! Im so “accidentally” stopping by your house at dinner next time.

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