Puppy Love & New Tricks

I realized the other day that I have very few pictures of the noodle with our first baby, Kalli. She was a spoiled rotten little wiener dog until Ethan came along. Then her world was turned upside down. You can see it in her poor little graying face. She sometimes doesn’t even want to come home with me after she’s spent a day at the resort with her pals Thelma & Lou. I really can’t blame her there…I mean I think I’d stay too if I could, Gee’s house is pretty awesome.

Although Ethan’s arrival into her world was very dramatic she does love him and he loves her. Sometimes more than I think she would like but they truly do love one another.



Now for tricks…Since Ethan has turned 1 he thinks he is super clever and smart. And of course I think he is the smartest, most brilliant child alive.

His big cousin Blake taught him to shake his head when we say no. So now as he reaches for something he shouldn’t be reaching for, he will look right at us, shake his head no, and go for it anyway. So smart!

A few days ago I picked up my cell phone to call my sister. He picked up his little purple phone, held it to his ear, and starting mumbling. Now every time he has his phone and we say “hello” he puts it to his ear and starts talking. So clever!


He’s also starting saying, “wow”, “hi”, “bye”, “dad” or “da”, “baba” (bottle), and “mama”. It’s every so often but he does it. He’s brilliant!

For those that do not know, Ethan loves books! He loves to read them alone or have the read to him. So recently he’s been flipping through books on his own and reading them in this deep little mumbling voice. If we’re sitting with him he’ll point at the pictures and tell you the story. I love it!!


And this one is just a favorite. He doesn’t look so little anymore.



3 responses to “Puppy Love & New Tricks

  1. Smartest kid in the universe. and the cutest red head at that!

  2. My grandson is brilliant!! 🙂 My personal fave is the shaking of the head “no” with that ever so innocent look!!

  3. And, by the way, the resort belongs to Papa too, not just Gee!! 🙂

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