The Big Party!

Saturday was the big event in honor of our little noodle. We had a nautical themed party and it was a blast.

I have to say I’m a little disappointed with my pictures. I was running around like a crazy woman and didn’t snap as many as I would have liked. I hardly have any pictures of Ethan with his guests. Bummer! But, Aunt Emily took some fabulous pictures of Ethan eating his cake. As always she does an awesome job. So thank you, Aunt Emily.


His Birthday outfit.


Family Photo.




I wish I had taken more pictures of the decorations, but this is all I got. Oh well!


Me and my little man!


Look at that face…he can’t wait to dive in!


DSC_0122 DSC_0129 DSC_0137

He did great! He ate a ton of cake and made a huge mess!


A little dip in the pool with his ladies.


Taking a ride on his new truck with his favorite big cousin Blake.


Check out all the books everyone brought to donate to the Library! Whooo Hooo!

One more family photo…


Happy Birthday Noodle!


2 responses to “The Big Party!

  1. What a stylish party, and it doesn’t hurt that the birthday boy is the cutest red headed baby IN THE WORLD, it was awesome! Great job!

  2. The party was fantastic!!! Great company, great food, great theme…cutest baby boy ever!!! 🙂
    You did a fabulous job!! What a party planner!!! 🙂

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